HV Taco Fest 5

By BAP Events (other events)

Saturday, June 25 2022 1:00 PM 5:30 PM EST



Welcome TACCOOO lovers! This year Taco Fest has a new location and boy it is a good one. This year‘s event will take place in at Riverfront Park in Beacon NY It Lays right on the beautiful scenic Hudson River and a majestic view of the Newburgh Beacon Bridge and West Point afar l! For people commuting the Metro-North Beacon Train station lies directly in front of it and is just a minute walk away and  that route runs to GCT New York City/Westchester/Bronx  as well as upstate past Poughkeepsie People traveling by car there is plenty of free parking that Saturday at the train station as well as other locations located on our map at our website 

 This year‘s event will have more Taco vendors and a TON of drinks stations where you can enjoy some great craft beer as well as Mexican Brew and throw down some Sweet Sangrias and take a advantage of the VIP margarita tasting tent! 

The event really is all about the tacos like we said more taco vendors this year and food options and plenty of vegan and gluten free options as well!

 Indulge in pork belly tacos, short rib, lobster and shrimp tacos and fish options like Red Grouper and Mahi-Mahi  tacos and vendors will serve Latino favorites like empanadas ,tostadas and yes Mexican fried ice cream!!Plus so much more.....

Also stick around for live mariachi music, live bands and a DJ dance party with K104 that’s gonna make you move and burn off those tacos and beer! 

Well what are you waiting for Hombre ??? Get your tickets and have some Taco Fun in the Sun!